Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter weekend

It has been a glorious weekend. I started out the weekend on Holy Thursday. I was privileged to have my feet washed as a representative of Life Teen. That is a very powerful and humbling experience. I would highly recommend everyone to try it. I thought of Peter a lot, as he is definitely one of my heroes. He was very connected with the mercy of God and I need all the mercy I can get.

Good Friday I got to play golf with my neighbor and although we only got to play 14 holes because it was so packed and soooo slow, it was fun and I now really know how I need to get myself back into shape.

Saturday, Richard came over for the weekend of fun and food. Louise, Richard and I played golf yesterday on a sunny 70+ day. It was a lot of fun and we all got to hit some good shots. Then we had Bob and Carol over for Lasagna and chocolate cookies. We had a really good dominoes game, at least until we got to the last hand. I had a lead the whole game, until the blankety blank. Bob overtook me to go off into the sunset with the win.

Today we are going to St. Michael’s for Easter mass. Partly because it is 12 pm and partly because there is contemporary music and our friends are in the choir.

Back at it again on Monday so I’m enjoying this weekend…

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Two Guys Video The Blog

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

OK, I'll bite and try this blogging stuff.

Just started a Video Production Company with my friend Mike. We do mostly Weddings, Personal Histories, Picture slideshows and anything else that can be done with Video.

I'm having a great time learning more every day about how to make this look cool and interesting.

I am a Life Teen Core member which makes me crazy in love with God, the Catholic Church and teens. Never a dull moment but fun and rewarding. I also like to golf when I have time and the temperature is above 60˚.

We'll see where this all takes us.